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Someone once called me their “Fashion Jiminy Cricket.”  When you go shopping, you can hear me whispering,  “Those pants do not deserve your body, let’s keep looking.” or “Are you going to wear it?  Your closet charges rent; clothes pay by being worn.”


As a college fashion professor, Anthropologie’s top personal stylist, and a TV/Celebrity stylist, I’ve consulted with hundreds of women and men, cleaning out their closets, helping them to embrace their body type, and discovering their personal style.

Is fashion superficial?  Absolutely!  But wearing the right clothes can help you forget about what you’re wearing.  Then you can get to work doing what is really important to you.

I’ve got your formula for fashion from body type to complexion to signature style.  So whether you’re plus size, pregnant, or petite, you’re going to look beautiful.​​


Featured contributor on:
KSL Studio 5


12 Color Seasons


Color Analysis Services

Color Wheel


Discover which colors flatter you most and which you might want to avoid.  Identify your seasonal color category, your 4 best colors, your 4 worst colors, and ideas on how to pair and wear your color season.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.



Everything from the essential color analysis service plus two premium services: hair color recommendations, face shape identification - glasses recommendations, makeup recommendations.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.



Everything from the premium color analysis service plus body type identification, signature style identification, tips on how to clean your closet, personalized recommendations on where to shop, and how to build a capsule wardrobe.


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